New Arrival: Brush Hawg Knuckleboom C-Model Loader

Nu-Life Environmental is no stranger to waste management. In fact, it’s what they excel at.

Sansom Equipment Company takes pride in providing excellent service and only selling the finest, most reliable equipment. That’s why we sell the Nu-Life Environmental Brush Hawg.

Brush Hawg has done it again! This Knuckleboom C-Model Loader boasts electric/air over hydraulic joystick controls, a tip boom hose retract box, and a Hardox 500 steel body. We can’t forget about the Freightliner M2-106 Chassis either!

This Brush Hawg C-Model is ergonomically designed for operator safety, comfort, and control. Brush Hawg utilizes the latest materials to provide you with a grapple loader that is simple to operate and easy to maintain.